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User Manual CBD oil

User manual CBD-containing oils and products

CBD oil is a personal supplement and every body reacts differently to the CBD.  Other benefits from a 2.5% CBD, the other benefit at 10%.
One thing that's the same for everybody is: starting with the CBD drops.
Shake well before use, drop the act under the tongue and let it 30/60 seconds before you swallow it.
Always start in the evening before or after dinner and start with one drop. Each day also increased by only 1 drop so you know right when you reach your correct dose. It is best to spread the drops over the three day sessions, giving you all day CBD supply. Take the evening drop not too late! It may be that you are not or difficult to fall asleep by late CBD intake
The dose of children and pets never compare with those of adults! Children and animals have much less need as adults, but here goes for that you need to build only one drop per day. For questions about dosing for children and pets, you can always email us...



Day 1: 1 drop in the evening.(Evening dosing always take right before or after dinner)
Day 2; 1 drop in the morning and one in the evening.
Day 3: 1 drop in the morning, one at midday and one in the evening ..


Now you have at each session a drop. Now it may be that you still need more, because you do not yet have sufficient advance. Then simply start increase at night again (evening dose always right before or take food after the evening!)

Day 4: one morning, one afternoon and two in the evening.
Day 5: 2 in the ohtend, one in the afternoon and two in the evening.
Day 6: 2 in the morning, 2 in the afternoon and two in the evening.
etc. etc. etc.
Of course once you have reached the desired number of drops, you can keep the number. It is important that you listen to your body when you have enough, and you will notice improvement. Therefore, you only increased every day with just one drop, so you do not over-dose. Because if you suddenly take too many drops, it can work the opposite effect and can worsen your symptoms or you get sick.
You can also take your drops of CBD in  of a dish or drink, but it can be that it works less better. But it works. For recipes and tips, please visit the page "Recipes with CBD".

Do not overdose and do not raise more than 1 drop per day! Store in a cool and dark place! Always consult your doctor if you want to quit with your regular medicine's or if you want more info about your taking your medicines with CBD.


Manual CBD paste

The paste is like the oil, best applied under the tongue, should only affect this at least 60 seconds before you swallow it. It is also possible to mix the paste in a glass of water, or on a sandwich. Here, too, it applies that the force is slightly less than. The amount is per person or condition different. Again you have to build peaceful.

Manual creme's

The cream is easy to use by rubbing it on the spots / rash. Do not exceed the dosage (see label). The cream is ideal for use in all types of skin conditions / diseases.



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