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6,9% Sana Hempjuice CBDA powder caps, 30 stuks

€ 39,95 

Sana Hempjuice CBD(A) powder caps, 30 stuks

This amazing product contains 6.9 grams per capsule CBD (a)! As the hemp immediately after the harvest is freeze-dried, natural ingredients are store remained. Then it goes into the slow juice machine and then theire very slowly squeezed. This allows the capsules have a high CBDA content!

These capsules are allergen-free and can simply be taken in combination with different diets, such as:
  • Raw diet
  • vegan die
  • t paleo diet
  • vegetable diet

This product is water soluble, so that it becomes equal absorbed by the body.


Sana hempjuice capsules

This product is a homegrown product of my birthton Groningen! The contents of the capsules are made of only the leaves of a mature hempplant. These plants are 100% organically grown. When it finally has become crushed hemp powder, is it right within 2 minutes deep frozen. In this way, the best preserved,  keep all vitamins and minerals and makes the product for what it is; An absolute amazing product!

Each capsule contains exactly the same amount of CBD (a). This also assures you really get inside the actual amount of CBD (a). Always take it at fixed times, such as during your breakfast and / or dinner. Make sure it is a regular part of your routine and you will not miss a moment and your body can best use the day of this healthy capsules!
1 capsule has 6.9% CBD (a)! This is unique, because not previously there is a food supplement in the vorn of a pill or capsule in which the CBD-A acid has not been so high aanweig as in the sana hemp juice capsules.De capsules are also water-soluble, making it equal become absorbed into the body .

Every body is different and has a different need. Start with 1 capsule. Depending on whether you can increase this still for more if needed. A great product which can get inside assured every day exactly the same amount of CBD!
Also suitable for when you're on the road a lot of traveling!

Further ingredients, except the CBD (a):

  • Omega 3
  • Omega 6
  • CBD-A
  • vitamin B3
  • vitamin B6
  • vitamin E

Quantity; 30 pieces (enough for normal use for one month)
Origin: Groningen, Netherlands:
Shelf life: See packaging

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