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Calming Face Cream with CBD,

€ 33,95 

This calming face cream contains 100MG CBD per bottle of 50ML!

The cream is the best to use in Acne, red / chapped skin or oily skin.
The 2 most important ingredients in this creame are CBD and Hempoil. Many studies indicate that CBD has a therapeutic effect and, for example reduces sebum production significantly. Thereby not clog pores and skin problems such as acne remedy and prevent
This cream can be used during pregnancy, and it will not cause any danger to your unborn child.


Not tested on animals! 100% organic! Suitable for vegans! use during pregnancy!


This cream has been specifically designed for oily and acne prone skin.

Signals are sending off to the skin to reduce the creation of the natural skin oil, so that it has a better balance and with regular use, will restore the inflamed skin.

The CBD and the hemp seed oil provide a treatment that comes from the bottom.

CBD reduces sebum production and works well against inflammation and Omega 3 and 6 to help the inflamed skin to heal better

With chlorella and vegetable acids, the acne is fought while Cang Bubeba vegetable oil cleans the pores and shrink.


Specially developed for the unbalanced, Oily skin needs the purest possible ingredients. Aroma Cert certified, suitable for vegans and never tested on animals!

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