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Kurkuma/Turmeric Products

Here you will find all kinds of products with the active part Turmeric in it.

Turmeric is extracted from the Curcuma Longa plant, and is used in the Indian kitchen to give flavor or taste to the food. It is also called yellow root.
For example, turmeric has been used for thousands of years against various ailments and in traditional Chinese medicine it is especially appreciated for its anti-inflammatory properties.
You can use it internally as well as uitliesig, and it would especially help with inflammatory symptoms, high cholesterol, intestinal complaints, skin conditions, menstruation problems, brain disorders, rheumatoid arthritis etc.
It is even used as a side-effect in cancer or in preventing it.

What is the difference with CBD? For one CBD works better than turmeric, and for the other turmeric again better than CBD. That is how it works with medicines of course. What works for one person can not work for the other. It is just discovering. But CBD and Turmeric are often used together. The combination CBD oie with a Turmeric product is often used.
The main active ingredient is curcumin (E100): an anti-oxidant with an anti-inflammatory and purifying action.

Turmeric is not easily absorbed into the blood, but with black pepper! that is why all our turmeric products also contain black pepper, which helps against better absorption in the body


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