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Doggie treats True calm (calming)

€ 4,95 
Dog treats with a calming effect.
Who does not know that. Your dog who is afraid of hard sounds, such as fireworks or thunderstorms, or like mine: Rain and storm. Even there are dogs with separation anxiety or are sensitive to our mood swings. These True hemp candies contain ingredients that are known to help reduce tension. This allows us to help our sweet dog friends really offer peace.  
True Calm includes;
Hemp leaf and ground hemp seed, with omega-3 fatty acids and alpha-linoleic acid
green tea: as calming support Chamomile and lemon balm meat-based grain-free  


Each bag of 50 grams contains about 22 sweets. You can also take these in combination with the dental sticks.


How many candies per day?

up to 5KG 1 per day

from 5-10 kg 1-2 pr day

from 10-20kg 2-4 per day



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