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Delivery time/Shipping cost


If your item (temporarily) out of stock, we will as soon as possible by giving you:
You can then choose another product or, if you wish, get your money refunded.
  • The average delivery time in the Netherlands is 1-3 working days after receipt of payment
  • The average delivery time in Europe (except Russia): on average 3-6 days.
  • The average delivery time rest of the world: On average 1-2 weeks.
The delivery time may vary in some cases from what it normally is. Think of the month of December, or if your product is not in stock and must be ordered. In the latter case, we will always contact you and you pass the correct delivery.

Shipping costs:

  • Shipping within the Netherlands: € 3.50
  • Shipping within Europe: € 9.00
  • Shipping rest of the world: € 20.50

Our packing:
We ship our products repentance and discreet. For many of our clients this is an important point, so there will ensure that there are not visible from the outside is what you ordered or where you ordered it. The only thing we do on the envelope is just a sticker with our postcode and house number. In the envelope you except your product also get sent a leaflet / instructions on which our data will be mentioned.

The address is a business address that is mentioned on the site. Our products are not sent from here.


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