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What is CBD/THC?

CBD stands for: Cannabidiol and belongs to a large group of 80 Cannabinoids!

Cannabinoids might have a healing effect on cancer and a host of other diseases and disorders. The two best-known cannabinoids of the total of 80 !! are: CBD and THC.

CBD is legal and not psychoactive and can simply be bought / sold. THC oil is psycho-active and therefore not legal and should not be sold. But make THC oil yourself is not. You can find plenty of "How to make THC-oil" Movies  on the internet. Although it is not legal, THC has also an important medicinal properties, like CBD. It is even so that THC does to power to CBD or vice versa. CBD is known to attenuate the psychoactive effects of THC or lifting and as I mentioned earlier, provided the medicinal properties of THC.

The list of proven unmet cannabidiol may continue to grow because working is increasingly done more research.

THC oil is not comparable to smoke a joint. People often experience the "high" of THC oil very different when they smoke cannabis. Therefore THC oil is used solely for medicinal purposes by most people. When smoking a joint you do get cannabinoids in, but not nearly as much as when you take it as oil. Also, smoking is also bad for your health!

Stopping medication?

Often when one notices that the oil starts to do its job, I get the question: Can I stop or reduce my medication? I would say yes, but I'm not a doctor and therefore i  prefer to go to your doctor with this question. Only, unfortunately, not every (family) doctor is to positive about CBD / THC oil. They have learned nothing over here during their studies or training. It's just that your doctor find it interesting enough to delve herein or to listen to his patients who have experience with fine oils. But luckily there are more doctors starting to look at it differently. Cannabis oil is a product of nature and is nothing to chemicals, unlike almost all medications!

Because there are certainly more than 30/40 scientific studies have been done on the healing properties of CBD, and the experience gained in practice has shown that CBD offers a lot of relief from pain and other discomfort. People who enjoy life again, can take back more and more people every day are added. It gives no side effects and it will not make as high of THC oil. On the contrary, CBD does (get high) solid anti-anxiety and therefore works well against the possible side effects of THC oil. CBD oil is therefore suitable not only for adults but also for children and animals!

What is a fact, is that CBD:
  • Works Antibacterial
  • It's muscle relaxant
  • stimulates bone growth
  • Restoring nerve
  • CBD is even used in stopping smoking because the nicotine craving would decrease by 40%. Proven that CBD works!
Buy CBD? Now in between is in our store or your product!
THC rich oil:
Many people get oil CBD and THC oil together. CBD is not psychoactive. That is, you will not be stoned it. CBD also makes it legally available anywhere. Nevertheless, there are diseases and conditions that also require THC rich oil. For more information on THC oil, I would refer you to
On this website you can read much information about THC and can optionally be brought into contact with an oil maker.

Every body is different and reacts differently. CBD oil is no wonder oil for the one works better than the other. If you want more information about the dosage or CBD, you can use the contact form below.
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