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What is Turmeric and where does it come from?

Turmeric comes from the plant "curcuma longo" and is also called yellow root. In oriental cuisine it has been used for years as a spice to flavor food, or to add color to the food (think an curry). But Turmeric is more than just an herb to cook with. They also use it as an anti-inflammatory in the Eastern countries. Turmeric is always mixed with black pepper, so that it is absorbed more easily and faster in the body. You will not regret anything in our products here!

But what else can Turmeric do?

  • Turmeric helps to detoxify your body. It cleans your body into the deepest tissues and fibers.
  • Kurrkuma also contains anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties. These destroy carcinogenic cells (cancer-causing substances)
  • Turmeric helps with to high cholesterol. Turmeric contains the basic substance Curcumin. There is not a lot of hard evidence, but in China they did a test and afterwards showed that the curcumin showed a significant reduction in lipids in the blood. The bad cholesterol had dropped and the good had gone up!
  • It would work as anti-depressants. Various studies have shown that turmeric can also act as antidepressants. The herb favors the production of neurotransmitters. These are serotin and dopamine, which can help to combat depression. In addition, turmeric is also responsible for the production of new brain cells and combats brain inflammation, which also helps to prevent depression. Of course that does not mean that your antidepressants can be replaced by turmeric. More research is needed for this. Go sal your time to your doctor if you want more info about this.
  • Used in treatment in / to cancer. This is because it is said and dust is also responsible for slowing the growth of certain cancer cells. Unfortunately, not so much research has been conducted yet, but so far the results are promising. Especially when it happens in combination with surgery or chemotherapy.
  • It would help with weight loss. Turmeric helps to stimulate fat burning and inhibits the growth of adipose tissue. It accelerates the fat metabolism in which the fats of the fats in the bloodstream are reduced. It also promotes the digestive system.
  • It would also reduce blood pressure. The yellow root has a favorable effect on the blood vessels, which causes a high blood pressure to be reduced. For example, you could take a cup of turmeric tea, golden Latt√© or Golden Chocolate every night. Turmeric cleans the blood and stimulates the production of collagen.
Turmeric is healthy for the whole body.
You can take it in drinks, in capsules. You can even run that caosule and sprinkle it through your food to give it a different flavor. Look in our webshop at  Curcumine/Turmeric to see what we all have in stock.
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