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Finally our own CBD oil!

It took a while, but finally we have our first own CBD products in store: Eagle hemp 5% cbd oil 10 ml.
Since i started this shop, it was always a dream of mine to start my own CBD label. I hope that people feel better when they use my own CBD oil, and 
i think that everybody, less or more money, should enjoy the use of CBD products. Thats is why the price of Eagle hemp is so low.
For now we only have the 5% but this year there will be more products to come! 
Curious abut our new product? go to our webshop and click on Eaglehemp".
Or click HERE to go directly to the product.
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CBD in traffic

A frequently asked question I get is whether you can drive a car with CBD? The answer is YES! Provided they comply with the 0.2% rule. Meaning there can be no more than 0.2% THC in the CBD oil.
CBD does not affect your brains and there is such a little bit of THC in the oil that is not noticeable. Assumed that it is used normal.

But in case of excessive use of CBD, it is advisable not to drive a car. This  means that you take so much CBD that you get more than 0.2% THC in your bloodstream. But with normal use of CBD, you can just take part in traffic.
THC is the ingredient that makes you "high". It is forbidden to drive with THC oil.


Eaglehealthshop in the newspaper and in "body and health"

Last week I was in the newspaper and in the body and health magazine. In that I was telling you why I started this webshop and about the origin of my products.
For me, profit has never been central. You can also see that at my prices. To me, centrally, everyone has to be able to pay for good CBD. There is a lot of buzzing with CBD products: People do not get what they have paid for, or stronger yet: you will not be sent anything!
This had to be different? And indeed, that could be: I'm starting a webshop myself!
My goal is to help people make life more enjoyable through the products I sell. And I wanted to convey this in the story in the newspaper. Are you curious about the article? Click the link below and go directly to the article

Artikel Eaglehealthshop 

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