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"Below you can read feedback from customers who use one of our products CBD."

Petra van Dyk (from Kollum) had stomach, intestine and lymphoma:
"I had stomach, intestine and lymphoma. The chemoradiation I was very ill and decided to use CBD oil.
The nasty side effects disappeared and the water went out of my belly.
Now, six months later I was again under the scanner and there was nothing more to see and I'm stable!
Many thanks Tanja "-> Petra used the CBD Oil 5% RAW, 10ml

Brenda Versluis (Assen) her 8 year old son has ADHD:
"I had never heard of CBD oil  until I started surfing on the Internet for alternative medication for my 8 year old son who has ADHD. I would rather don't give him Ritalin, so young and already such heavy medication. I came to a page which was about CBD oil. After much reading, I decided to try it. Operated it does not then it does not hurt, I thought. In the beginning it was a question of finding the right dose, and how to give it because he did not loved the taste! but i contacted Tanja and she found a way to present it to him, without being gagged. I soon realized that my son could concentrate better, was quiter and not as irascible . sleeping was even better. The ADHD has not disappeared, I did not expect, but my son is a lot better in his skin. even better than when he swallowed ritalin. I use only CBD oil and no Ritalin. he's doing well here, and it is not a chemical mess. I'm so happy! We are all here become a lot happier, especially my son. I am Tanja very grateful for her help and advice in this. "-> Brenda ordered for her son CBD oil 2.5% RAW, 10ml

Frank Bosman (Heiloo) Has Epilepsy:
"Since childhood i have epilepsy. I have a lot of attacks, especially when Im stressed: then i sometimes have them every day. I'm at a point instances when I felt not stand it. I did so with my head against the table and had a hole in my head, and the blood gushed When I came I was shocked  rotten and immediately called 112. for me that was the straw:.. I wanted those attacks to be finished. I spent hours sitting on the internet to see if I have something. could find that could help me and finally came to CBD oil. I got in touch with Tanja and they helped make me choose how I could start it best. She had me to foist all, I had bought it, but she did not. While I was away for the most expensive product going, she pointed me to another oil which was cheaper but might better help. That did it! I do  not say I'm cured of epilepsy, but my attacks have become nil Maybe because I relaxed by the oil, or maybe the oil tackles my epilepsy. What it is, it works .I really got the feeling that they listened to me. Happy with the support I received from you Tanja "-> Frank used the CBD oil 10% raw, 30 ml

Heleen Visscher (coming from Groningen) suffer from stress and doesn't sleep well:
"I was very skeptical at first about CBD oil. I did not believe actually that something that you can just buy in the store and not being prescribed by the doctor, might help. But I thought I try it and see whether it helps me I started with 2.5%. I did not feel different or better, when I wanted to stop me after a week, but Tanja said that i was impatiente and that CBD does not always work immeditly. she advised me to try the 5%. the 2.5% might still be too light and perhaps 5% would work better. I'm going to try it anyway, and I actually felt pretty quick already feeling of relaxation in my body, after a week building I felt really different: Happier seemed less agitated, not easily agitated the worry I did not, then last evening I was in my bed and my mind went.. off. now it's just "calm" in my head and here I can just sleep. I use it 6 weeks and I'm glad I tried this yet before I would go to the anti-depressants or sleeping pills. I'm glad!." --> Heleen used the CBD Oil 5% RAW.

Henk van Lunteren (from Waddinxveen) Have lung cancer without metastases:
"1.5 years ago has been diagnosed with lung cancer, the first thing you think is:. I'm dying even though they said it was treatable, yet you think,. It's cancer, I'm dying." After some internet research I came out to weed oil. I first started with the 10% and then I moved on to the paste of 18%. I use half a gram beside my chemo I've had and preventive radiation every day. I felt a lot less miserable after chemo sessions, as when I did not use cannabis oil or paste. Also, my tumor is gone and it seems like I'm cancer free at the time. I will live as long as I continue to use CBD. If it is just to ensure that it not come back hopefully. And I feel just very good at, more energy and sleep a lot better. "-> Henk used the CBD pasta 18% RAW.

F. Ridder (Haarlem) has psoriasis:
"I use the CBD oil to lubricate my spots and it works fine! At first I used RAW but because it is so dark, I got allemal brown spots on my skin. I'm on the advice passed to the BIO because it lighter is. It works just as fine, and I have no blemishes on my skin. Very nice stuff. " -? F. Rider uses the CBD 10% organic, 10 ml.


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