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CBD/CBDA olie RAW 18%, 10ml

€ 129,95 

 CBD/CBDA oil RAW 18%, 10ml

The strongest CBD oil in our range: the CBD oil of 18%. The oil is made using cold CO2 extraction and processed with hempseed oil.

The end result is: A beautiful pure and organic oil with a high CBD content!
The oil also contains outside CBD high CBDA content! Good for people who want to take CBDA next CBD!

Strength: 18%
Number of drops: 10 ml ( 250 drops)
Taste: Bitter and pungent
This product was formally known as the 18% paste. Now, this is one of the strongest oils in our shop and comes in a small bottle of 10 ml and it is lower in price!


This product is legal, and contains less than 0.2% THC.

One of our highly concentrated CBD products; the  CBD oilis in a convenient dosing syringe having a capacity of 10 ml. This CBD syringe is filled on the basis of hempseed oil and CBD. The oil is obtained by means of CO2 extraction. By this method, are all good ingredients of this plant preserved!  Due to the fact that the oil is not heated, this product contains also much CBDA!

Always have patient when you star with CBD. Medications often provide immediate relief, but CBD has to be build. Your body needs overseers to build a depot and after 2 weeks you can really tell if the product is working or not. So do not give up to soon! Keep patience!

The medi hemp 18% CBD oil:

  • One of our strongest CBD oils in this shop
  • High concentration CBDA
  • very rich in other cannabinoids such as CBN, CBV, CBG, CBC and, terpenes and phenols.

Because every body is different and reacts, it is difficult to say in advance what to take as a dose. However, the packages have advice doses.The best is good to listen to your body. Are your symptoms less or disappear? Then you are on the right dose. Are your symptoms worse or you will be sick or something like that then you have overdosed and you should take less.

Ingredients in percentages:
CBD / CBDA: 18% 2200 mg
CBDA: ~600 mg
CBD: ~1600 mg

We are not doctors and therefore can not make health claims. There are, on the Internet a lot of success stories to read, and you can also contact us on our Facebook page or on our review page read customer experiences. Never stop just having your regular medications without first talking to your doctor! Every body is different and reacts differently. Although most people benefit from CBD, this area is no guarantee that everyone is the case.

All products of Medi Hemp have called COA (certificate of analysis). The products do not conform to anything to such a high standard and are therefore strictly monitored regularly. Are you curious about the certificate on your product? Look at your product from the batch number and click HERE to see the certificate ...


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